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PS5 Console Internal Power Supply Unit ADP400DR PSU Replacement Part
2022.09 new


Please note that the ps5 power supply in this batch is removed from the playstation 5 console and is 100% original.
 50-70% new, there are obvious traces on the appearance, and the power supply will be sent only after 100% of the test passes. If you mind the appearance, please order carefully. The return and exchange of products due to non-quality reasons requires payment of freight back and forth.

Applies to: ps5 conosle
model number :ADP-400DR.
PlayStation 5 (PS5) power supply, . Delta Electronics produces this PSU, model number is ADP-400DR. it is a single-rail unit outputting +12 V only. maximum power output is 372 W, so it can deliver up to 31 A. Typically, strong PSUs like this one output 19 V or even higher voltages to keep amperes low and avoid energy losses using thick power transfer cables. That said, the ADP-400DR is directly connected to the PS5's mainboard through a pair of spade terminals, so energy losses are restricted under even high loads.
PS5 power supply ADP400DR DAS01B SOP8 PMIC power manage ic replacement
PS5 power supply ADP400DR DAS01B  SOP8 PMIC power manage ic replacement 

Suitable for: ps5 power supply unit psu ADP-400DR
ps5 PSU power manage chip sop8
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