Backlight kit retro lighting nintendo game boy dmg/pocket fat

Backlight kit nintendo game boy dmg/pocket fat-retro lighting

A backlight kit for your Game Boy or Pocket console:
Full Kit Backlight for Game Boy DMG 01 and Pocket:
Light panel to make the backlight modification in Game Boy DMG and Game Boy Pocket consoles, includes:
- Led panel.
- Polarizer.
- Resistance to place on the red wire of the panel.


Before installing, you should remove the polarized back film on the original screens (this procedure may damage the screen, be careful.)
The cables must be soldered in the positions shown in the images (remember to weld the resistance between the positive pole and the red wire).
Since there are many plate models, in some you may have to look for the positions where to weld, since they can change.

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