Nintendo Switch MAX77621AEWI+T MAX77621AEWI BGA Chip IC Voltage Regulator Buck Power


- Brand new replacement MAX77621AEWI +T inverter regulator IC chip for Nintendo Switch consoles.
- Can repair issues with power management.
- Located on the mainboard of the Switch console.
- Requires internal fitting - Console must be opened to install.


The Maxim MAX77621AEWI+T IC chip is a inverting switching regulator used in the Nintendo Switch.

Replacing this part may solve power related issues with the console, the IC is capable of managing a range of preset power loads such as the 5V and 15V used for the Nintendo Switch, making it a vital part of the overall power management in the console, and a suspect part when a console is showing power related problems.

Requires internal fitting and professional soldering to install, the replacing of a small IC chip should only be done by an experienced electronics engineer.

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