GENESIS2 Sega 2/3 generation to HDMI HD converter

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1: Plug and play, no driver required

2: Support all Sega 2nd generation GENESIS2 Sega 2/3rd generation game console display mode

3: No power supply and messy cables, just an HDMI cable

4: Audio and video signals can be converted into full digital HDMI format without loss

5: Realize video transmission without format processing and without any delay

6: The analog audio output can be connected to headphones to avoid disturbing others when playing late at night

7: USB powered, no power adapter needed

Advantages of SS to HDMI: (Bypass)

1. HDMI replaces the messy Sega II GENESIS2 Sega 2/3 generation color difference cable

2. HDMI picture quality is slightly inferior to color difference

3. This product adopts BYPASS video technology, which can process the image quality, contrast, brightness, etc. without loss.

4. Real-time transmission of game motion pictures in the video, no format processing and calculation, no extension

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of BYPASS pass-through video technology:

Advantages: good picture quality, no processing of picture quality;

Disadvantage: There are requirements for the TV (the HDMI of the TV must support 720P/1080P@60HZ, 576I)

Because Bypass uses video processing through pass-through technology, the compatibility requirements for TV sets are slightly higher (in the current test, it is found that some models of Samsung TV will not display images, please choose to buy)


1. Video input

2. HDMI output supports HDTV high-definition TV or monitor, projector, etc.

3. Plug and play, no need to drive;

4. Support all display modes of Sega Saturn SS game console

5. An external adapter is required, and the USB port provides 5V power

Interface introduction description:

(1) HDMI Output------HDMI output interface, connect HDMI TV or monitor

(2) USB/5V Input------USB5V power supply input interface, connect the power adapter USB interface

(3) SS Ypbpr Input---Sega II GENESIS2 Sega 2/3 generation input interface, connect to Sega II GENESIS2 Sega 2/3 generation machine

Accessories description:

SS TO HDMI host-------------1 set

USB cable-----------------------------1

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