Rapid Fire Mod Board Flex Cable For PS4 DS4 XBox One Game Controller

(This product has a minimum quantity of 20)
Only provide factory wholesale, no technical support. Please make sure you have a good grasp of the product,
Rapid Fire: 10 modes, 50 speed settings per mode
Burst Fire: 1 mode, 9 speed settings
Akimbo RF: Dual trigger rapid fire independently
Mimic: Auto akimbo rapid fire non independently
Drop Shot: 4 modes
Jump Shot: 4 modes
Auto Run: 3 modes
Auto Sniper Breath: 2 modes
Auto Aim: CoD offline zombies & campain
Jitter Fire: 5 modes (CoD BO3 only)
Auto Spotting: 3 modes (Battlefield & The Last of Us only)
Fast Reload: With adjustable timing
Quick Scope: With adjustable timing
Advanced Feature Management:
Disable features, trigger flipping, led mode, feature activation, resets

Extra install:

Two extra programmable remap buttons:
Circle, square, triangle, X, R1, R2, R3, L1, L2, L3, up, down, left, right, touchpad

An extra mod button:
Basic install will have D-pad left and touchpad button to acces features.
This extra mod button can be used instead of the normal D-pad left to allow
for easier feature acces, and can be installed anywhere on the controller

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