PS4 PS3 Xbox one XBOX360 HDMI cable to DVI adapter HDMI to DVI

PS4 PS3 Xbox one XBOX360 HDMI cable to DVI adapter

Many people monitor only DVI port, there is no HDMI interface, if the monitor wants to connect HDMI cable, you need to use such an adapter. Note Please turn off the next state, do not live action, easy to damage!

* Aluminized or gold-plated interface, each batch arrival different;
* Wire twisted pair impedance matching process, to minimize the signal cross, to ensure no error transmission;
* DVI supports QXGA (2048x1536) format;
* Resolution support 1600 * 1200 or more 720P 1080P, double connection bandwidth
* With PVC insulation, anti-wear, flexible and strong;
* Strong shielding completely isolated from external signal interference;

* Scope: computer, digital TV, plasma, LCD TV, projector and other equipment between the connection.

Can also be applied to the notebook DVI port into HDMI port HDTV, perfect 1080P output! The same applies to PS3 XBOX360, HDMI to DVI,
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