Sega Dreamcast VA1 VA2 Console BIOS Chip MX29LV160TMC-90 Bootloader Kit

Sega Dreamcast VA1 and VA2 host BIOS chip MX29LV160TMC-90 boot program product details

Bag size: 12*8*0.5cm weight: 7g

1 programmed Sega Dreamcast Region Free Bios Modchip

(The MX29LV160TMC-90 chip of the motherboard VA1 / VA2)

2 10k ohm resistors

2 x Kynar cable (one blue and one red)

Bootloader suite:

The chip carries the Dreamcast Dev startup animation logo. It also provides VGA support for some games, otherwise these games will not be loaded via the VGA lead. When using'Dreamshell', it also allows to start directly from Compact Flash or Harddrive IDE modification.

After that, you can load "Dreamshell" directly from GD-ROM, SD card or IDE mod.

This chip is specially designed for VA1 motherboard.


If you want to completely replace the BIOS, you do not need to lift the feet of these chips before soldering.

If you are performing a "piggyback" installation method, include resistors.

A detailed guide on installation can be found by searching for "mmmonkey dreamcast" on Google. Then look at the BIOS replacement part from the middle of the page.
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