Lots HDMI coil filter for PS4 Slim ps4 Pro console SMD choke

Note: ps4 hdmi coil and ps4 slim hdmi coil are not the same, ps4 silm pro hdmi coil is smaller than ps4, we also have ps4 hdmi coil for sale.


- Replacement choke coil (EMI filter) for Sony PS4 Pro / Slim consoles.
- Replace the filters located near the HDMI output IC chip.
- Reduce interference in the HDMI signal when operating correctly.
- Can repair HDMI related issues not caused by the HDMI IC or port.
- Requires skilled technical soldering to install.


The EMI filters in a PS4 Pro / Slim may need to be replaced if HDMI problems persist after replacing the HDMI port and HDMI IC.

Testing the resistance and capacitance of the existing chokes should identify which are faulty and need to be replaced.

Each pack contains four replacement choke coils, enough to replace all coils in one PS4 Pro / Slim console.

These coils are smaller than those found on the original fat PS4 models, we have both models available depending on which model you have.

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